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Trek Dirt Series Photo Shoot

Mountain biking is full of diversity - Cross Country, Down Hill, Enduro, gosh the list is pretty long. But can we say the same in terms of gender participation?

If you consider just US and Canada, roughly 2 out of 10 are only women. Its actually difficult to find another sport which has so lopsided gender participation. Dirt Series sponsored by Trek is doing a tremendous job for several years in advocating, training and encouraging women to mountain bike. They have some really rad instructors, who not only assist women get introduced to mountain biking, but also coach to get to the next level.

It was an extremely satisfying opportunity to volunteer as a photographer for their recently concluded camp in Mammoth, California. Plus the alpine and pumice riding made the weekend even better.

Setting up the stunts requires planning, time and effort.

Practising balance on stunts.

Learning how to drop in the bike park skills area.

Showing the ropes and demonstrating the required skills.

Hydrating and fueling up for rest of the day.

Riding the alpine and pumice is quite special.

Smashing some gnarly rocky section.

Sponsors did a great job in providing some really useful prizes and gifts.

That's how nail berms - lean into them.

Always a visual treat while riding the alpine.

Wrapping up with a group photo with one of team.

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