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Squamish - Outdoor Recreation Capital

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Squamish is a small mountain town located north end of Howe Sound fjord on the Sea-to-Sky Highway in the province of British Columbia. Squamish (native Sḵwx̱wú7mesh) was home to the indigenous First Nation people, and it got on the map with construction for Pacific Great Eastern Railway in the 1910s. Eventually over the years, it turned out to be a major logging town.

Today Squamish is a known as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada, and quite rightly so. It has transformed from a logging town to an adventure loving community.

The primary attraction of Squamish is rock climbing and mountain biking. There are also several network of trails, for running, hiking, ski touring and snowshoeing. During the summer months you can also do kite-boarding and windsurfing. It's also supported by a community, which promotes healthy eating, active lifestyle and peaceful co-existence.

If you detest city life, love the outdoors, don’t mind the overdose of rain, and enjoy interacting with a vibrant and active community, there are few places that can match this quality of life.

This is my humble effort to showcase Squamish via a photo story (5-10 images).

Gateway to Squamish - Mt. Garibaldi which towers over the town, will easily grab your attention

Logging operation on the shores of Howe Sound fjord

This is how Squamish got on the map - Railway Network

Summer brings happiness to mountain bikers. Very inspiring to see elderly riders show us, that 'age is really a number'.

Fall is a great time to Kite Surf in Squamish. Shannon falls in the background is a favourite tourist hotspot.

Hidden photography spots in Squamish - a great place for astro photography.

Winter brings multitude of opportunities for ski toruing. Regardless of the time of year, the view is always amazing.

An active community which strongly belives - health is wealth.

Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine be thy food - a strong belief amongst Squamishites.

One more image to close the project, so stay tuned...

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