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S24O bikepacking trip to Elfin Lake

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

S24O or 'Sub 24hr Overnight' is a great way to reset your 9-5 weekday and start your Monday with a sense of achievement and recharged, well at least for me. Having recently acquired a new rig (Trek 1120), it was time I took it out for a short trip before heading out for the big ones.

Living in the Sea to Sky corridor, I'm blessed with multitude of options and hence finding the right route was a bit overwhelming. I had the following criteria on my mind -moderate grade, off-road, alpine riding and easy bailing option. So the Elfin Lakes area really fit the bill.

First day riding, after work, was mostly in overcast and foggy conditions. I was a bit concerned since last time I tried skiing this route, I had to turn back due to bad weather and snow conditions. Fortunately, this time I was able to reach the campground without much fuss.

Saturday was very different as forecasted, and the true beauty of being in the alpine started to show off. Grand vistas, aquamarine lakes, perfect temperature and great riding was the hallmark of the day.

Overall a very successful S24O with my new setup and I'm really looking forward to my next one.

Elfin Lakes trailhead, which is about 45min drive from downtown Squamish.

Right after crossing the talus field it was a short 'hike a bike' section.

Back in sub-alpine zone, going mostly downhill to the lakes.

Finally at the second lake and campground.

Wooden tent pads which is a great way to preserve alpine vegetation.

A nice dinner consisting of vegetable soup, Kungpao chicken/rice and oranges.

No star trail photography hence tried something different.

And finally, this is what a trip to the alpine makes it worth every bit.

Always interesting to meet fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

The Elfin Lakes and several prominent peaks in the Garibaldi Provincial Park.

When riding alpine - take it easy and enjoy the view!

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