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Europe Ski Trip - 2019

Updated: May 20, 2019

Skiing the Alps has always been a longtime dream, more so for a ski mountaineer in Vallee Blanche. The trip was initially planned to ski few days in Zermatt (Switzerland) to acclimatize, and then visit Chamonix (France) to ski Mont Blanc via the Grand Mullets route.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't too favorable and I had to be content skiing in the resort and do few low risk ski tours. Even though I was pretty upset seeing my months long plan get ruined, however the skiing was pretty awesome.

Touring the relatively safe glaciated area of Breithorn Peak (4000+ mt), overlooking the Matterhorn was a great way to get accustomed to the altitude. The weather in Switzerland was actually perfect and I wish it stayed that way for the rest of the trip.

Due to the weather, the avalanche conditions in Chamonix wasn't very ski tour conducive. It was interesting to see, while the Vallee Blanche (off Aiguille du Midi) had white-out conditions, the Italian side had pretty good weather. So we decided to do a tour in the village of Arpy on the Italian side and ski Mont Colmet (3024 mt).

Unfinished business remains in the French Alps and I will be back for sure!!!

Organized, packed and all set for the trip.

Roped travel on glaciated terrain

Zermatta, arguably the most photgraphed peak in Europe.

The Swiss and Italian Alps - a lifetime of exploration.

This where the adventure begins in Vallee Blanche, sadly a total whiteout condition.

Getting ready to ski tour the Italian Alps, village of Arpy.

Objective - Mont Colmet, right in the center.

Tea break with a view.

Weather closing in, but almost on the summit ridge.

One of the reason why we all climb - the view, although it could have been better.

Customary summit selfie.

The smile says it all !!!

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