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East Bay Bikepacking

Adventure can be found anywhere! It's not a thing to be found exclusively on the other end of a plane ride. It can await around an unfamiliar corner, found close to your home, beneath the setting sun or a starlit sky.

If the familiar is approached with a sense of wonder and curiosity, adventure can be found anywhere. With that in mind, I decided to plan a bikepacking route, linking three regional parks in the East Bay area - Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park and Anthony Chabot Regional Park.

Given the fact I'm still undergoing treatment for my old injuries, I decided not go crazy on miles covered per day. I setup a 40+ mile route evenly paced with an overnight camping beside lake Chabot. Riding was mostly on gravel and road with some occasional single track, with some decent elevation gain of ~4500ft.

Very relaxed riding with some fantastic view from the west/east ridge overlooking the Bay area. Circumnavigating the lake, which was approximately one forth the total ride distance, provided some phenomenal views, perfect camping spot and few chance encounter with wildlife. Strongly recommend this loop if you are short on time or a beginner bikepacker.

Early morning start from Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve.

Breakfast sandwich with a view.

Entering Reinhardt Redwood Park - footprints from the past.

Riding through the eerie avenue of giants.

Gorgeous views from the east ridge

Chance encounter with a juvenile rattlesnake.

First view of Lake Chabot.

Relaxing by the campsite with my favorite miso soup.

Getting ready to head back.

It's a wrap - the Bay views never disappoints you.

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